Advanced Wellness Protocols


We are currently open for individual sessions by appointment.

At least 24-hours before your appointment at Clarity, please confirm or reschedule your appointment. We appreciate you, and want to see you only when you’re well. Please allow us enough time to fill your appointment if you can’t make it. We would much rather reschedule you than have any potential risks or worries.


Please tell us if any of the following apply: 

  • Have you had a fever in the last 24 hours of 100°F or above? 

  • Do you now, or have you recently had, any Covid related symptoms: fever exhaustion, headache, body aches, sore throat, shortness of breath, loss of taste and smell, digestive distress, or any other unusual symptoms?

  • Have you been in contact with anyone in the last 14 days who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or has coronavirus-type symptoms? If you answered “yes” please reschedule at least 14-days out, without penalty.


Advanced sanitation protocols are in place in our building, restrooms, and especially in our Clarity offices.

  • Between each client we use EPA-certified disinfectants on all surfaces, doorknobs, chairs, floors and other surfaces.

  • We allow for maximum possible fresh-air ventilation and air purification between and during client sessions. 

  • Face masks will be utilized in treatment rooms. Both the therapist and the client may wear face coverings. 

  • We clean all surfaces and tools used with clients. We sanitize and change all linens between each client. 

  • We continue to obsess about washing our own hands, before, during and after your appointment. We use gloves where possible.

  • Client appointments are staggered to allow for cleaning time and to avoid any congestion in our lobby area. Please arrive at your scheduled time to avoid overlapping another appointment.

  • Upon arrival at Clarity, please remove your shoes and coats by the door, thoroughly wash your hands using the sink in our lobby, and put on your mask (if you wish) if you haven’t already.

  • We monitor our temperatures daily and may check yours as well. 

If there anything in particular you are concerned about, please let us know: 


With peace, hope and love,

A & S


Ashley LaBore ph: 651-387-8487


Susan Waldenstrom ph: 651-472-4430